My Megabunk

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in quite a while. It’s mainly because I have’nt put much on Youtube in the last year and it’s all down to me spending most of my time making a new website.

My finances have been hit hard because of the global ecomonic downturn. My music sales have made me just enough to buy a weeks shopping for one. That’s not good for 2 years figures. Although I share a lot of my music for free. So I took a bit of a gamble and dedicated myself to building an idea I had several years ago. I can finally report that I’ve finished the site and I sent it live about a week ago. Sure, there might be a bug or two floating around, but I’ve tested it well and i’m very proud of my achievement. The idea was to create something that provide some sort of income so that I could spend more time developing music and be able to survive.

I’ll give you some details about my new site first, then the gumph on my Youtube statistics.

The site is a bit like an enhanced directory for accommodation and events and it’s called Megabunk. I have spotted a number of other sites that cover similar areas to my site, howver they charge commissions etc to those renting out. Mine is a bit different. It’s a contact site, so it just puts you in touch. So therefore it’s completely free to use. The search elements of the site are tuned towards accommodation and work together with Google maps. I’m very pleased with how it all works. There is also an easy to manage calender so that people can keep track of booked dates. I also considered that people might want to use the site in different ways. It’s free so people might just want to have a listing on the site that points to their website and not use the internal messaging system. I’ve allowed for up to 10 profiles per host user. This allows those who are a bit flush with multiple places to rent to receive mail on the same email address.

Just before I went live I spent several days making some instructional videos and the total viewing time of them all comes to over an hour.I combined the videos into a playlist, and as is usual with my posts, I’m going to give you a link to the videos:

Megabunk instructional videos

It’s advisable to at least watch the introduction vid before going to the site. You can go directly to the site at the following link, and remember that I wrote the whole thing myself (including a few small open source functions that I adapted).


The way I intend raise funds to maintain the site is by placing advertising instead of charging the members. The overheads for the site are very small. Just one person running it (Me!). I’m hoping it will do well then i can put more into it to improve and promote it.Commercial TV stations have been providing free television for many years, and have been earning their money through advertising. That’s how I believe it should be.

So, if you know anyone with a hotel, villa, apartment, flat, caravan etc. Even if they have a spare room to rent for a week in the summer, then please let them know about Megabunk. The only thing it will cost them is a little bit of their time to set up a profile, and that will hopefully bring them more enquiries and/or visitors to their website. It’s a bit like free advertising for them. It’s not only for those with accommodation. Event organisers can set up an event profile that gets returned with the accommodation results 🙂

Now to the business of my Jeffstunes youtube channel.There’s been quite a bit of momvement since my last post, due to the long gap. So here are the numbers.

Channel vies have topped 50k at 50,976.
My subscribers have topped the 2k mark at 2,209 and my overall video views are fast approacing 1.5m at 1,463,739.

There are 5 music videos I’ve uploaded since my last post so I’m hopefully going to be telling you about those in the next few weeks.