My Megabunk

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in quite a while. It’s mainly because I have’nt put much on Youtube in the last year and it’s all down to me spending most of my time making a new website.

My finances have been hit hard because of the global ecomonic downturn. My music sales have made me just enough to buy a weeks shopping for one. That’s not good for 2 years figures. Although I share a lot of my music for free. So I took a bit of a gamble and dedicated myself to building an idea I had several years ago. I can finally report that I’ve finished the site and I sent it live about a week ago. Sure, there might be a bug or two floating around, but I’ve tested it well and i’m very proud of my achievement. The idea was to create something that provide some sort of income so that I could spend more time developing music and be able to survive.

I’ll give you some details about my new site first, then the gumph on my Youtube statistics.

The site is a bit like an enhanced directory for accommodation and events and it’s called Megabunk. I have spotted a number of other sites that cover similar areas to my site, howver they charge commissions etc to those renting out. Mine is a bit different. It’s a contact site, so it just puts you in touch. So therefore it’s completely free to use. The search elements of the site are tuned towards accommodation and work together with Google maps. I’m very pleased with how it all works. There is also an easy to manage calender so that people can keep track of booked dates. I also considered that people might want to use the site in different ways. It’s free so people might just want to have a listing on the site that points to their website and not use the internal messaging system. I’ve allowed for up to 10 profiles per host user. This allows those who are a bit flush with multiple places to rent to receive mail on the same email address.

Just before I went live I spent several days making some instructional videos and the total viewing time of them all comes to over an hour.I combined the videos into a playlist, and as is usual with my posts, I’m going to give you a link to the videos:

Megabunk instructional videos

It’s advisable to at least watch the introduction vid before going to the site. You can go directly to the site at the following link, and remember that I wrote the whole thing myself (including a few small open source functions that I adapted).


The way I intend raise funds to maintain the site is by placing advertising instead of charging the members. The overheads for the site are very small. Just one person running it (Me!). I’m hoping it will do well then i can put more into it to improve and promote it.Commercial TV stations have been providing free television for many years, and have been earning their money through advertising. That’s how I believe it should be.

So, if you know anyone with a hotel, villa, apartment, flat, caravan etc. Even if they have a spare room to rent for a week in the summer, then please let them know about Megabunk. The only thing it will cost them is a little bit of their time to set up a profile, and that will hopefully bring them more enquiries and/or visitors to their website. It’s a bit like free advertising for them. It’s not only for those with accommodation. Event organisers can set up an event profile that gets returned with the accommodation results 🙂

Now to the business of my Jeffstunes youtube channel.There’s been quite a bit of momvement since my last post, due to the long gap. So here are the numbers.

Channel vies have topped 50k at 50,976.
My subscribers have topped the 2k mark at 2,209 and my overall video views are fast approacing 1.5m at 1,463,739.

There are 5 music videos I’ve uploaded since my last post so I’m hopefully going to be telling you about those in the next few weeks.


My take on Imagine

98 videos and counting. The traffic keeps on coming to my youtube channel.

It was time for some video experimentation. I have made lots of videos where I have recorded the song first. Then I produced the video to go with the song. The problem has always been about getting a good enough recording from the video performance. After giving this some thought, I came up with a way to achieve it with little cost involved. This is not taking into account the Microphone cost. I’m assuming it’s already there.

I will explain what I did over these 5 videos to achieve a decent recording. Some of you might find this useful when doing performances to video.

Now back to the focus for this post. This is my take on Imagine by John Lennon. I hope you enjoy it.

Imagine – Jeff Edwards

Now the Youtube gumph.

My total video views have finally surpassed one million. Mind boggling. Most of the nations in the world have contributed. I think there are roughly 10 countries that I don’t have views from! The total tally for my views is 1,045,460.

The Subs are about to pass another milestone at 1,923.

My channel page has seen a total of 41,970 visits.

My next post will be the second of these five recordings.

Garth Brooks and Ronan Keating

Moving ever closer to the 100th video. This is the 97th in what’s now been nearly three years of uploading videos to Youtube. There is another milestone approaching which is quite incredible in my opinion. In a few months time My total video views should pass the ONE MILLION mark. That’s an incredible amount of views.

Now for the next video. It’s a classic song called “If tomorrow never comes” by the one and only Garth Brooks. If you know this song then you may also know that Ronan Keating had a hit with it. This is for all but especially for all my American friends who have been watching and commenting on my vids over these past three years. Fitting, considering that the USA is the home of country music. This is my interpretation. I hope you all like it.

If tomorrow never comes – Jeff Edwards

A few times a week I walk to the post office and a few days ago I was making the same trip and there were a number children riding bikes that waited outside and followed me for half of my journey back. Before they turned off, one of them called out my name! It would seem to me that the only possible way they could have known me is through Youtube because I know absolutely nobody in my local area. I keep myself to myself. All my friends are several miles away. This isn’t the only time I’ve been recognised whilst out. I did some calculations and it seems to make sense. In my county alone it worked out that statistically about 1,000 people would have seen one of my videos!
I must admit that at first it made me feel a bit mystified when people looked knowingly at me, when I know that I didn’t know them.

Enough of that though. Here’s what’s happening to my Youtube numbers.
My subscribers are climbing steadily and are currently at 1770.
The total times my channel has been viewed is 39,207.
My overall video views are an incredible 932,723.

I haven’t done much on Youtube recently, so I am going to try and get more videos out this year than I did last year.

My version of a Muse song

Video number 96 and a special favourite of mine. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. A few years ago I got into a band called Muse. I was so impressed with their music that I purchased all their albums in one hit 🙂
The song I’ve covered in this video is from the excellent album “Absolution”, and the title of it is “Blackout”. I happen to think that it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. There’s nothing spectacular about the music, but the words are so moving in their simplicity and the expression is wonderful. That’s something I hope I’ve managed to get across in my version.

Here is my take on “Blackout”.

Jeffstunes singing Blackout by Muse

Here’s the latest Youtube statistics digest.
My subscribers have climbed up to 1,619.
My channel has been perused 36,499 times.
The total viewing figures for all my videos now stands at 831,005.

I haven’t yet planned my next video upload. It will probably be another of my enormous request list, or perhaps I might put up another original!

My attempt at Swallowed in the sea

This next video was another one of my requests. I was recently asked by one of my subscribers if I could sing this and dedicate it to her boyfriend, who also happens to be one of my subscribers, and apparently a big fan of me. The song is called “Swallowed in the sea” by none other than Coldplay. This is one of many requests for different Coldplay songs. My youtube channel already has a good number of them.

Now to the song. Here is my rendition of this wonderful tune from the album X&Y.

Jeff Edwards singing Swallowed in the sea by Coldplay.

As always, it’s time for some Youtube figures, and my subscriber tally has increased to 1,414.
The viewings of my channel have gone past the 33k barrier to 33,008. My total video viewings is creeping ever nearer to 700k at 687,830. I’ve got my fingers crossed on that being passed quite soon.

Now a look forward to my next post. I have already done a recording of the song, and in my opinion, it is one of the most wonderful modern compositions I’ve ever heard. I wont spoil it by saying anything now, and I’m hoping that will have created an air of anticipation. Until I write again 🙂

Everyone ends up alone.

There have been accusations levelled at me for miming in my videos, and I have to say that I take that as a great compliment. To think that my voice fits that well to the music.
That got me thinking, and I carried that idea over to this video. It’s a slideshow of my photographs with a difference. One that interacts.

This song is called “You found me” and is by a group called “The Fray”. It’s not the first of theirs that I have uploaded to youtube. Some time back I did “How to save a life”.

This is MY version of it. I hope you like it.

You found me – The fray (My cover)

Last, but by no means least. It’s the low down on the Youtube figures.
My subscribers have increased to 1,408.
My channel viewings are now at 32,714.
The total views for all my videos is 677,653.

Coming next is a Coldplay cover, with a dedication to a couple of Youtube subs.

Video number 93.

On to video 93.

It’s time I did some of my requests and this is the most requested of all of them. I’ve had requests for a number of Neil Diamond songs, and I have already got through quite a few, but up until now, this one has been out of the list.

The title is “Love on the rocks”. I hope you enjoy my rendition of this beautiful song. Neil Diamond compositions are always a joy for me to sing.

Love on the rocks – Jeff Edwards

OK. It’s numbers time. Everything seems to be moving forward well on Youtube.
The Subs to the Jeffstunes channel are now up at 1,406.
My channel has now been looked at 32,593 times and the overall video views are now 673,277!!

Looking ahead to my next post. I’ll be doing another most requested tune, and it is going to be one from “The Fray”. Then after that, a Coldplay number 🙂